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Valeria Moore
Emotional Patterns

Emotional Patterns-Formerly Healer Wisdom

Fears, Emotional States and Created Patterns by Disease, Disorder and Trauma

Formerly Healer Wisdom

Emotional Patterns is a metaphysical analysis of over 500 diseases, disorders and traumas. Each disease, disorder or trauma has a specific set of underlying fears, emotional states and created patterns (beliefs) that provide a look at what patterns might be held in the body.

The website is updated frequently with new information.

Valeria Moore has over 20 years of exploring the mind-heart-body connection to disease, disorder and trauma through her work with clients and intuitive research. She has trained with a wide variety of teachers and masters in consciousness and emotional release therapies.

This book is for anyone on a journey of healing as either a healing arts professional or an individual exploring the foundations of non-peace (dis-ease). The information has been written to provide a catalyst of recognition that opens the doors to the next level of growth in a personal development journey.  This book is available on Amazon.


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